Why Lancaster?


The Proximity to Los Angeles is unbeatable.

Located 50 miles from Los Angeles, the the largest cannabis market in the world. The city of Lancaster prides itself on being a 
cannabis-friendly city with leadership looking to attract new businesses.

mixed-light cultivation

It is the only city in Los Angeles County that will allow for mixed light cultivation on non-agriculturally zoned land

renewable energy

Beginning January 2023, state laws will require the purchase of carbon offsets if the grower is using non-renewable energy.


The city’s location is easily accessible from all over the state.

Lancaster, California

In February 2017, the City of Lancaster passed an ordinance allowing the city to license marijuana businesses in concert with the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) for the State of California. The Ordinance is designed
to implement a highly regulated legal and compliance structure. You could find a lot more information about slots. The Ordinance allows licensing for cannabis cultivation, self distribution and volatile and non volatile manufacturing. The Ordinance gives the City flexibility to amend
it to allow for additional licensing in the future.


The act allows for state licensing of cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, distributors and testing labs. The State requires dual licensing (local and state). It also requires individual plant tagging (unique identifiers), which
the Lancaster ordinance requires to be implemented for all potential cultivators as part of their comprehensive security plan. All cannabis businesses shall be required to have a seed to sale track and trace point of sale system to
track inventory and revenue.